Evolution at Tuscan Elementary, Maplewood, New Jersey

April 22-28, 1999
  Tuscan Elementary participated in National TV-Turnoff Week
May 22-25, 2000
  Tuscan Elementary’s own TV-Turnoff week. National TVTurnoff -- Week fell during our spring break.
Early October 2001
  Tuscan’s own fall TV-Turnoff week challenging the students and parents to consider how TV watching, videos and electronic games impacted learning and other activities.
Mid-October 2001
  First ever Tuscan’s Ultimate TV-Turnoff Challenge continuing school based program for the entire school year minus our school vacations with 44students participating
June 2002
  Party for the 44 successful students completing the year long challenge
Early October 2002
  Second annual school based fall TV-Turnoff Week with 305 students participating
Mid-October 2002
  Second Annual Ultimate TV-Turnoff Challenge with 179 students accepting the challenge
June 2003

144 students successfully completed the challenge; 59 gold, 42 silver and 43 bronze

Early October 2003
  Third annual school based fall TV-Turnoff Week with 435 students participating - 364 at the gold level
Mid-October 2003
  Third annual Ultimate TV-Turnoff Challenge with 280+ participants.