was started as a grass roots teaching program inspired by the folks at The goal of's program is to have students give up television, and computers for an entire week (either completely or patially depending upon their level of program involvment), and engage in alternate activities.

The inspiration for, was to find a universally accessible media outlet through which the teachers, and facilty of Tuscan Elementary School (NJ) could share their experiences of how their librian's program has altered the lives of the students in her school. As a result of several influencial factors, such as an avid love of books, the Librian (and inspiration for at Tuscan school thought that more could done than just a one week program, and the Ultimate TV Turnoff Challenge was launched in the Fall of 2001 - but instead of limiting this program to a single week, their program was launched as a FULL SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM.

Despite low initial expectations, the program's enrollment quickly gained momentum, as well as rave reviews from both students, teachers, and parents. In order to foster a love of literature, the Tuscan School program encouraged children with special recognition for program particiation, as well as the special priviledge of increasing the number of books that the children could take out at once. Another way that this program encourage particiation, was to realize that not all children would be able to make the commitment, and as such it also created different levels of involvement.

The results of the students participation have resulted in statisitcally significant increase in standardized test scores, a more active and engaging learning environment, as well as increased family interactions. In fact this program has grown in popularity so much within this school that statistcal metrics may soon become invalidated due to the lack of a sufficient control population (those NOT engaged in this program). Talk about a happy problem for a librian...